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Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Meyer at the Established Jewelry party.

Demi Moore, Hillary Duff and Rachel Zoe celebrated Nikki Erwin's new line of gems at an intimate soiree, hosted by Erin and Sara Foster, at Soho House on Thursday night.

"Edgy and sexy," said Nikki Erwin, the designer of Established Jewelry, when describing her jewelry line on Thursday evening during a soiree, hosted by Erin and Sara Foster, at Soho House. The custom-made-to-order collection features pieces like a razor blade-shaped necklace encrusted with diamonds, chunky gold rings emblazoned with "thug life" in cursive and evil-eye diamond bracelets, which Rachel Zoe was seen swooning over.

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The L.A. native, who has been designing single pieces for herself and friends for almost a decade, explained why now was the time to release a line, "I just had an influx of creativity and I express myself in my jewelry." The self-proclaimed "mellow, flip flops" type of girl also designs Donatienne handbags (Hilary Duff and Lea Michele are fans). 

Gwen Stefani and Rachel Zoe admire the rings.

"I couldn’t be happier for Nikki," gushed pal and former boss Jennifer Meyer, who hired Erwin as her first-ever employee when she was only 19. "She has always had a brilliant eye which shines through in both her bags and now her jewelry. I'm always flattered when Nikki comes to me for advice, but from the looks of her new pieces I have a feeling she is going to be hugely successful!"

From left: Ashley Benson, Nikki Erwin, Jamie Schneider and Jennifer Meyer

"I want every single one of those," Pretty Little Liars actress Ashley Benson told Pret-a-Reporter after getting a glimpse of the diamond bar necklaces. "Nikki has really cool, edgy style so this jewelry is a really great reflection of that." Demi Moore and Tallulah Willis joined the party later in the evening, with Willis divulging that the horizontal diamond plate friendship necklace was a favorite. 

From left: Sara Foster, Demi Moore, Tallulah Willis, Nikki Erwin and Erin Foster

Hilary Duff

Nikki Erwin