Established Jewelry is a fine jewelry line handmade in Los Angeles, California. Established Jewelry is where luxury meets provocative. We live by our motto: "Gold on the outside makes them green on the inside."

The line consists of both 14k and 18k rose, white, and yellow gold. In an effort to keep everyone "Established," we pass on a wide price range to our customer. All pieces that contain precious stones are made in 18k gold, while all pieces without gems are made in 14k gold.

Designer Nikki Erwin has had a love for jewelry as far back as she can remember. As a young girl she would take trips to the Los Angles Convention Center during jewelry shows to buy supplies and made her own custom accessories. It wasn't until 2004 that Nikki got the opportunity to work professionally in the jewelry business, as Jennifer Meyer's first employee at Jennifer Meyer Jewelry. As JMJ flourished, Nikki learned so much about running a successful business. It was during this time that Nikki was inspired to create single custom pieces for herself. Her very first piece was a double finger knuckle ring (which is now available for purchase in her first collection). After so much hands-on experience at JMJ, Nikki decided to start her own business, Donatienne Handbags.

While Nikki was busy building her handbag business, admirers kept inquiring how they could purchase her jewelry. At that time, Nikki was heavily focused on Donatienne, and could not fully dedicate herself to another business. Fast-forward to almost 5 years later, with Donatienne in a great place, Nikki felt like she finally had the opportunity to start the jewelry line she had been thinking about for so long. She began accumulating all of her original pieces from over the years, and filled out the collection with complimentary new designs. After a year of editing the collection, Nikki was confident the line was ready for the 2015 Spring launch. She feels that Established is the perfect combination of quality and edge, something that has been missing in the fine jewelry market.

Where Donatienne expresses much more of Nikki's girly side, Established Jewelry represents her more wild, edgy side. Nikki feels her true self falls somewhere squarely between the two brands. Both brands are dedicated to California style and sensibility- ethos that are very important to Nikki. Established Jewelry has always had a clear brand message and design direction- risqué and bold, but somehow sweetly sexy.

"I pride my designs on takings risks, speaking my mind, and not being afraid of my voice," says Nikki of the brand. She hopes that Established allows you to do the same, and express yourself in ways you never have before.